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Kelsey is committed to providing resources for and building a community of like-minded people on a path to spiritual healing and self-improvement. Check out her YouTube channel and Let's Get Crystal Clear podcast for more.

Kelsey's Latest Video

  • How Crystals Really Work

    Manifesting with crystals requires a simple mindset hack that every beginner needs to know before choosing a crystal and setting an intention.

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  • How to Smoke Cleanse

    An easy way to clear past energies from your crystal so they're ready for your intentions.

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  • Monthly Reset Ritual

    Watch Kelsey's monthly reset ritual with oracle cards and crystals. An easy ritual anyone can do to stay on track with their goals and get the most out of crystals.

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  • Heal a Broken Heart

    A discussion of how to deal with breakups, get over an ex, heal from heartbreak, break a soul-tie, and practical ways you can incorporate crystals.

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